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As you might've guessed, my name is Ryan. I'm a full stack .NET developer based in Lancaster. Prior to landing my first job in development in 2014 at FatMedia (I was 17 at the time almost fresh out of high school) I used to play around a lot with code. Whether it be trying to automate things with Python or trying to make games with Java. Fast forward to now, it's fair to say I've explored a lot of different coding languages, coding patterns and designs.

The one CMS (Content Management System) that caught my most attention was Umbraco. Why Umbraco? Unlike some CMS', with Umbraco you start with an empty slate and are not driven down this path to utilise third party plugins. Of course there is the option to, and the Umbraco packages are great! However, with how extendable and easy to customise Umbraco to be yours makes you consider not building your website on a foundation of plugins.

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Whether you're a company just starting out, or looking to expand your web presence, no job too little or too large - drop me a message and let's see what we can do.

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